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Julius Malema. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

Editorial: Juju 2.0: smarter, slimmer, savvier

He may play the fool at times, but don’t be duped: Julius Malema is a masterful politician

Pravin Gordhan. Picture: BUSINESS DAY

Analysis: The wafer-thin case against Pravin Gordhan

Hawks case against finance minister ‘lacks any legitimacy or credibility’

Najwah Allie-Edries. Picture: MARTIN RHODES

Jobs Fund: Many obstacles

Even with the best intentions the focus on creating jobs can create other problems

Christo Wiese. Picture: HETTY ZANTMAN

Directors' Dealings: Christo’s at it again

Christo Wiese dominates dealings, buying 1.48m Brait shares valued at R171.8m

Featured Partners

Innovation boosts fight against HPV-related diseases

Picture: ISTOCK

It’s only been 10 years since the vaccine against HPV was launched, but already several international studies have shown that it is effective and is working – better than expected, in fact

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Clive Thomson. Picture: BUSINESS DAY

Barloworld: Rise of a giant

Barloworld is celebrating 75 years on the JSE; it listed in 1941 at seven shillings and sixpence per share. It is one of nine companies to have been listed in SA this long

Diamonds: The real deal

'Authenticity' is going to sell diamonds this year

Graffiti on the walls of the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg during the #FeesMustFall  protests. Picture: SOWETAN

Fees freeze: Universities will fall

The ANC’s call for an extension of the 2016 university fee freeze is a threat to the sector

Grant Marais

Free Wi-Fi: Spreading the Web

This should be an election issue, especially in under-served areas — and promises have been made

Eben Sadie

Wine: Value comes with age

Old vines offer reliable consistency of quality not found in young vines

FM Fox


Steel industry: Working towards progress

The final step in a package of trade-offs with ArcelorMittal SA will be for the department of trade & industry to designate locally made steel for state infrastructure projects

GT Ferreira

SME lending: Coming up roses

Lending activity, despite the sluggish local economy, has been surprisingly brisk

David Alexander. Picture: RUSSELL ROBERTS

Entrepreneur: Sheer Publishing's David Alexander

Sheer Publishing has done more than survive. It is now among the top five SA publishing companies by market share

Leon Campher. Picture: HETTY ZANTMAN

Unit trusts: The right balance

The SA unit trust industry will soon reach the R2 trillion in assets mark

Gimme: VoiceMap app

As a tourist exploring a new city (or even your own city), nothing beats local knowledge. VoiceMap app gets five stars all round

Picture: ISTOCK

101: Gig economy

All you need to know about the multimillion-dollar industry that owns no assets and is challenging conventional employment practices

Picture: ISTOCK

Gripping Graph: Drunk driving

Six out of every 10 fatalities on SA’s roads are caused by intoxicated drivers

Mxolisi Mgojo

Exxaro: Energy hunt

Exxaro is looking for opportunities for its subsidiary, Cennergi, to buy completed renewable energy projects in SA whose parent companies are financially distressed


Boardroom Tails: The timid giant

The PIC has less influence on boards than it should have, and this in spite of it carrying an immense, R1.8 trillion stick, writes Ann Crotty

Picture: THE TIMES

On My Mind: National minimum wage can be made to work

Faulty models underpin the predictions that a national minimum wage would cause huge job losses in SA, writes Gilad Isaacs

Picture: ISTOCK

In Good Faith: Judgment day for bank

A Zambian judge, commenting on a confidentiality issue, says it is the duty of the court to step in when breaches of the law arise, writes Carmel Rickard

Money & Investing

Sim Tshabalala and Ben Kruger. Picture: BUSINESS DAY

SA banks: Setting standards

With hindsight, it’s clear that last December was a perfect time to buy bank shares

Galaxy Mall in Szczecin, Poland. Picture: REDEFINE

Polish property: No one-way bet

When Redefine Properties was vying for a slice of a €1.2bn Polish portfolio of shopping centres and offices, it was up against 16 other bidders, at least five of which were believed to be fellow South Africans

Steve Kalmin

Transparency: Much stays hidden

An initiative aimed at increasing the transparency of mining companies’ payments to governments across the globe has been slammed as paternalistic and ineffective by representatives of the people it was claimed to help

WATCH: Getting the most out of your investments

To create wealth on a reliable basis over time, you need to invest in great companies in SA and globally, says Steven Nathan, CEO of 10X Investments

Media & Advertising

Tara Dales

Content marketing: Flare for connecting

Matching brand content to audience in a competitive digital world is a complex matter

Loeries awards: Feathers in their caps

If one word described this year’s Loeries awards for creativity it would be chicken

Africa & International

Riek Machar, Salva Kiir and James Wani Igga. Picture: GETTY IMAGES/AFP/CHARLES LOMODONG

South Sudan: Slippery slope

Suspending Africa’s newest nation from regional bloc is unlikely to resolve the country’s crisis


Grant Marais

Free Wi-Fi: Spreading the Web

This should be an election issue, especially in under-served areas — and promises have been made

Cover Story

Invicta board shake-up

Key changes to Invicta executive team reinforces faith in executives who appear to be mixed up in a reportable irregularity

Cover Story

Invicta: Looking ahead

Invicta Holdings, one of SA’s fastest-growing industrial businesses over the past decade and a half, will find it a grind to re-engage its growth engines over the short term

Cover Story

Invicta's transformation: Wiese’s magic hand

The stunning growth of industrial supplies giant Invicta Holdings over the past two decades offers valuable insight into how retail tycoon and serial risk-taker Christo Wiese can help shape a company’s destiny from behind the scenes

Editor's Note: Rio glory — despite the suits

The pundits underestimated SA’s chances in Rio. But the athletes trumped expectations by finding a way over the hurdles, writes Rob Rose

Between the Chains: Chop the fat

If SA were a company, a turnaround specialist would be mercilessly chopping at the executive to ensure growth returns, writes Sikonathi Mantshantsha

Bruce's List: South Africa stands on the brink of a tragedy

Zuma’s actions against Gordhan put SA on the brink, and he doesn’t care, writes Peter Bruce

Food for Thought: Joy, gloom and fine dining

The election results had caused high emotions in Polokwane and eThekwini, so it was time to find out what the elite thought, writes Justice Malala

Market Watch: Sun International — sunny side bets

Sun International could make three clever moves while punters fixate on bigger issues, writes Marc Hasenfuss

Pattern Recognition: A recreated city

Rejuvenation is possible with political will and if the importance of design in the digital economy is embraced, writes Toby Shapshak

Shop Talk: Cash or credit?

We became a globalised shopping economy and a nation of borrowers, writes Zeenat Moorad

Investor's Notebook: Panic switches

Consultants may feel pressure to make a switch, often at exactly the wrong time, writes Stephen Cranston

Diamonds & Dogs: Anchor; Bauba

There’s no doubt that it’s an attractive business model, as even the most cursory glance at the wallets of those who launched the good ships Investec, RMB and Allan Gray will show, writes Jamie Carr


WATCH: Why penalising the rich is no solution to #FeesMustFall

This would only alienate the wealthy, pushing them to send their kids — who are unlikely to come back to SA — overseas, says SA Post Office CEO Mark Barnes

WATCH: Understanding funding terminology

SME Funding unpacks funding glossary terminology such as due diligence, early stage, economies of scale, elevator pitch, equity and equity financing

WATCH: Understanding your medical scheme and gap cover

A lot of the benefits in medical scheme plans have sublimits, and these allow the company to cover only parts of the procedure being claimed for