• Monday, July 28 2014

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Africa needs international assistance in meeting its management skills gap, but any intervention must be on its terms, writes David Furlonger

Top stories

Ian Lourens. Picture: RUSSELL ROBERTS

LOGISTICS: The hitchhiker’s guide

The bulk of mobility assets on the JSE command low p:es and offer dividend yields associated with ex-growth companies


NUCLEAR MEDICINE: Clever market diagnosis

The global market for nuclear medicine is poised for growth, and SA plans to play a major role


Iraj Abedian. Picture: ROBERT TSHABALALA

BRICS BANK: Costly club to belong to

Founding the new Brics bank will be expensive; SA must ensure the benefits are worth it


CARBON TAX: Emissions must be paid for

Australia, which also relies largely on coal-fired power and has a big mining sector, was the 16th biggest CO2 polluter in 2010. SA was in 18th place


Rob Davies. Picture: BUSINESS DAY

EDITORIAL: Hats off to trade & industry department

Rob Davies and Xavier Carim deserve hearty congratulations for concluding the economic partnership agreement with the European Union

Numsa members strike. Picture: PUXLEY MAKGATHO

EDITORIAL: Arbitration no good in this case

There is talk of introducing compulsory arbitration in cases where extended strikes are likely to damage the economy

Money & Investing

Siphamandla Shozi. Picture: FINANCIAL MAIL

KELLY/ADCORP: Kelly’s hero?

Analysts believe the proposed acquisition of staffing services group Kelly by rival Adcorp could be the best thing to happen to Kelly since its debut on the JSE in April 2007

Econometrix chief economist Azar Jammine. Picture: BDFM

MARKET STRATEGY: A risk-fraught world

Equity markets may be setting record highs but don’t be lulled into a sense of security, warns finance academics

Joseph Rohm. Picture: HETTY ZANTMAN


Sub-Saharan Africa’s growth story is unfolding apace. For investors wanting to share in the story, the region’s mobile telecom sector stands out as vibrant with potential

Media & Advertising

Julian Ribeiro. Picture: RUSSELL ROBERTS

JULIAN RIBEIRO: Taking the Lowe road

Need for new challenges takes successful O&M chief to rival advertising agency


DIGITAL ADVERTISING: Pfaff is in the vicinity

Michael Pfaff and Derek Prout-Jones have bought 30% of Business BPS, headed by advertising specialists Daryl van Arkel and Neil Clarence

Africa & International

Mthuli Ncube. Picture: JEREMY GLYN

Q&A: Capital still flowing in

African Development Bank chief economist & vice-president Mthuli Ncube tells Claire Bisseker how US tapering of quantitative easing is affecting African countries


Perry Hutton. Picture: RUSSELL ROBERTS


Not long ago cloud computing and 'bring your own device' to work began to change the way technology was used. This is now expanding to include the concept of the 'Internet of Things'

Heini Booysen & Dinesh Patel. Picture: MIKE DEI-CONTE

ONLINE ORDERS: Meals just a click away

Ordering food online is a growing trend all over the world and is slowly taking off in SA

Cover Story

INTERNATIONAL TRENDS: Mastering the market

Planning to pursue a corporate career overseas? Or just to enjoy some management work experience before settling back in SA? Then get a business master’s

Cover Story

STELLENBOSCH BUSINESS SCHOOL: A blank cheque for change

If academics at Stellenbosch University Business School think the appointment of another Afrikaner as director means a return to business as usual, they may be in for a surprise

ANOTHER WEEK: July 25 - July 30

A round-up of the week's main news events in Africa and further abroad

EDITOR'S NOTE: Careful who you mix with

Tim Cohen asks what kind of idiot puts ground-to-air missiles in the hands of untrained rebels trying to make some kind of jingoistic point

DERBY'S COUNTY: Georgia on my mind

Ron Derby asks if Georgia will be allowed to choose and follow its own economic path, or if Russia will interfere

ECONOMIC VIEWPOINT: Go with what works best

One-off megaprojects have failed to beat the success achieved by well-run, sustainable infrastructure programmes, writes Nazmeera Moola

ON MY MIND: To the bitter end

The cease-fire options being offered to end the Gaza conflict are doomed because they ignore Hamas's minimum conditions, writes Melissa Bonnet


VIDEO: The impact of shortages of business schools in Africa

David Furlonger chats about the impact of shortages of business school in the African continent

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