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Searching for the new Thuli Madonsela

Public protector Thuli Madonsela’s job seems to be both unenviable and hotly desired. There are impressive candidates on the list of those wanting to succeed her

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Bruce's List: Bad record, so Zuma resorts to race

Why people’s votes reflect fantasy, not reality, writes Peter Bruce

Julius Malema. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

Food for Thought: Praise comes before a fall

Once an ardent supporter of Robert Mugabe, Julius Malema has now changed his mind and supports 'the people of Zimbabwe' instead, writes Justice Malala

Future of Media: Storytelling as a core feature

Effective storytelling still lies at the heart of all forms of media, no matter how fragmented and complex the media landscape becomes as it continues to transform at a rapid pace

David Kneale. Picture: BUSINESS DAY

Directors' Dealings: Rich rewards

Former Naspers finance director Steve Pacak reaps rewards of his long service while Pioneer Foods CEO Phil Roux had to spend some of his own money to protect his investment in the company


Biojet fuels: At last, good news from SAA

SAA has managed to make progress, at minimal cost, on its biojet fuels project — which could save it some money in the long run

Tlali Kamoli. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

Lesotho conflict unresolved

The political discord in the tiny kingdom is blamed on a powerful general, Tlali Kamoli

Business schools looking for direction

Three SA university business schools are looking for full-time directors


Mmusi Maimane. Picture: MARK WEST/THE HERALD

Can Mmusi Maimane crack it?

Final phase of local government campaign will be vital, writes Natasha Marrian


Executive education: Do it — but do it right!

With the cost and justification of executive education again under the spotlight, David Furlonger spells out what companies need to do to reap the benefits of further training

FM Fox

Small change: How the JSE compares

Value of shares traded on JSE so far this year is a mere blip compared to some international counterparts

Kevin Teeroovengadum. Picture: SUPPLIED

Profile: AttAfrica CEO Kevin Teeroovengadum

There is still good money to be made in Africa if you do your homework properly and adopt a longer-term view, says CEO of AttAfrica Kevin Teeroovengadum

Skylight is the first aggregated cloud services portal that might be the world's biggest cloud. Picture:  SUPPLIED

Gimme: Skylight

SkyLight’s key benefit is greater visibility and control — whether you’re a tech teamster, bean counter or risk manager, writes Kate Ferreira


Stephen Koseff. Picture: JEREMY GLYN

Editor's Note: Koseff in the firing line

Investec has rubbed some investors up the wrong way by lavishing huge salaries on its top brass. Some shareholders have had enough, writes Rob Rose

Xolobeni. Picture: DAILY DISPATCH

Between the Chains: More Pondoland strife

Whoever gets to mine the land will have to step over many dead bodies as the 13-year-old Xolobeni strife will only intensify, writes Sikonathi Mantshantsha

Money & Investing

Covent Garden. Picture: SUPPLIED

UK property: Bargains, or is it too soon?

The question for cash-flush investors is whether they should buy now or rather wait for a possible further pull-back in share prices

Media & Advertising

Picture: ISTOCK

Brand origin: Local to global

Brand’s country of origin cited as equally important, or even more important, than other purchasing criteria such as price and quality

Africa & International

Tlali Kamoli. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

Lesotho conflict unresolved

The political discord in the tiny kingdom is blamed on a powerful general, Tlali Kamoli



Digital disruption: Banking on the move

Banks and telecoms firms size each other up, as online banking platforms become fair game

Bruce's List: Putin’s Trump card

The theory goes that if Trump becomes president, Russia’s job of dividing the West becomes easier, writes Peter Bruce

Boardroom Tails: Behold this market force

Forget about skirmishes with the EU. Theresa May has given herself a bigger challenge: an assault on corporate executive entitlement, writes Ann Crotty

In Good Faith: When matters mushroom

A productive farm that employed 120 people became the subject of a legal dispute about what exactly was growing there, writes Carmel Rickard

Market Watch: Niveus

Investors may not get better odds in the alternative gaming sector than with underplayed Niveus, writes Marc Hasenfuss

Investor's Notebook: Old Mutual Wealth

It is equitable that all Old Mutual shareholders get the chance to hold OM Wealth shares, writes Stephen Cranston

Pattern Recognition: Viva the youth

Praising the ingenuity of Africans, Bill Gates says we have the bravery, passion and stamina to overcome our challenges, writes Toby Shapshak

Diamonds & Dogs: New Frontier Prop; Dawn

New Frontier Prop performing solidly while turnaround strategy that Distribution & Warehousing Network reported at its interims proved to be something of a false dawn, writes Jamie Carr

Letter: Contrast in parliaments

Watching UK outgoing prime minister David Cameron during prime minister’s question time (his last) I couldn’t help comparing our parliament with his

Letter: In praise of Brexit

I voted to leave the EU as I felt it was better to be on the UK lifeboat rather than the EU Titanic