Suncoast Towers spa

Spas and spa treatments are a dime a dozen and some places can be pretty dodgy. But then every so often, you stumble upon that gem.

From the moment you enter the 9th floor of the Suncoast Towers hotel on Durban's Golden Mile, where the architecture echoes Miami's art deco, the body begins to relax and the mind begins to drift. The views of the Indian Ocean from each of the seven treatment rooms are breathtaking.

Apparently the signature massage, Sea Whisperer, is a client favourite.

Trained by experts from Indonesia, the therapists use long-stroke massage techniques with light, soothing music playing in the background to great effect.

And there is nothing rushed about the experience. Samantha, a seasoned professional, takes her time and, for a massage that can take up to 90 minutes, her powers of concentration are remarkable.

If a long, deep-tissue massage is not your fancy, the other popular choice, the Serene Soul massage, promises to revitalise and rejuvenate your body.

Unlike the Sea Whisperer, which follows a flowing sequence, the Serene Soul is a lot more customised, designed to focus on specific areas of stress.

Thishania, the therapist, always checks first whether you have any allergies or injuries and what music you prefer. Then she directs you to a room where you'll find a white sarong and Egyptian cotton towels to use.

Skilled, warmed hands dripping in an oil blend of lime, ylang-ylang and lavender work the knots down your back.

The focus is on relieving tension and stress on your shoulders, back and legs.

A bell signals the end of the hour-long session, and there's time to slowly emerge from a state of deep meditation and back into reality.



Where: Tsogo Sun Hotel,  Durban

Mood: Tranquilly indulgent