Moov Now tracks general activity using the metric of “active minutes”. Picture: SUPPLIED

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MOOV Now is a new wearable fitness device that positions itself as a personal-fitness coach. Rather than focusing on steps, Moov Now tracks general activity using the metric of “active minutes”, working towards a default goal of 210 active minutes a week. It also tracks your sleep.

Minute for minute the Moov Now agreed with my Jawbone UP2 device (when worn together), but it generously logged almost an hour’s more sleep than the UP2. Of course, there’s always going to be a small margin for error or discrepancy across devices, so that shouldn’t be cause for alarm.

The power of this category of device lies in its trend-revealing potential, showing you how much rest and activity you’re getting over the course of days, weeks and months.

Over and above your general activity, Moov’s differentiator is its coaching functionality and ability to track a number of different sports or workouts.

The device is a smart pod cased in hard plastic that slips into a silicone strap to be worn on the wrist or ankle. Then, paired with the app on your smartphone, the Moov can talk you through workouts — like the quick seven-minute tone-up routine it offers in the app — or provide personalised feedback on your form and effort.

For a runner, it may suggest reducing your impact or lengthening your stride, for example. If you purchase two units, one can be worn on each wrist for boxing-workout feedback.

For each activity, the app will tell you the requirements — such as outdoors only (using GPS), phone needed, position device on ankle/wrist, and whether an additional heart-rate monitor can be supported.

The Moov Now is also waterproof and doesn’t need to be near your smartphone to track you in the pool, meaning you can record a swim and get info on your form and laps after you’re done.

The Moov Now is comfortable and convenient, using a watch battery to provide around six months’ charge. It’s clearly a wearable though, and unlike some competitors, won’t be mistaken for a watch and jewellery. It’s available locally from R1,399 — a competitive price among the activity-tracker devices on the local market.

Moov Now
Pros: Waterproof, long battery life, coaching functionality
Cons: No heart-rate monitor built in
Price: R1,399
For more: welcome.moov.cc and quantifi.co.za/product/moov-now-2
Cool factor: * * *
Usability: * * * * *
Value for money: * * * * *