8% is the maximum rate at which universities can increase fees in 2017, higher education minister Blade Nzimande said this week.

0% was the increase to fees in 2016, after widespread student protests under the banner of the #feesmustfall movement.

R50bn/year is the cost of university education in SA, PwC says.

R21bn in outstanding student loans is owed to the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. It expects to recover R7bn.

R87bn was universities’ contribution to SA’s economy in 2009 (2.1% of GDP).

150,000 people are employed by SA universities.

4.7% of government revenue (0.75% of GDP) is spent on higher education and training. The UK spends 1.23% of GDP and Germany 1.31%.

40% of income sourced by SA universities in 2012 was from government (49% in 2000), while 31% was from student fees (24%) and 29% from private income (27%).

$8,000 is the average annual cost of tuition at a public college in the US.

80% is the rise in college fees in the US in the past decade. Over the same period, average household income fell by 7%.

Source: Wits panel on higher education funding, FM research, Statista