ETF. Picture: iSTOCK

ETF. Picture: iSTOCK

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71 is the number of JSE-listed ETFs and exchange traded notes (ETNs) in SA. They are a basket of securities that allow an investor to track domestic and international indices.

91.4% is the growth by October3 of SA’s best-performing ETF over 12 months — the NewFunds S&P Givi SA Resources.

20.52% is the loss experienced by the NewFunds S&P Givi SA Financial ETF, SA’s worst-performing ETF over the past 12 months.

R6.67bn is the market cap of SA’s first ETF, the Satrix Top 40, which launched in 2000.

R16bn has been entrusted by SA investors to Deutsche Bank’s ETFs and ETNs. The bank, which is an ETF leader in the SA market, is on the edge of collapse.

R11.8bn, the amount invested in Deutsche Bank ETFs, is secure, because those assets must be handed to a trustee for safekeeping. Standard Bank is Deutsche Bank’s trustee in SA.

3 Deutsche Bank ETNs (with investments of R4.2bn) are less secure, as they carry the credit risk of the bank.

US$3trillion is the global value of ETFs, across about 51 countries. ETF assets of $498bn are in the US, giving it a 69% share of the world market. The global market is expected to grow to $7trillion by 2021.

Source: ETFSA, Absa