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Airline flight prices are calculated using some of the most complex algorithms in the world. Having an SA IP address, it seems, counts in our favour.

New Zealand airline has developed an aviation price index, which shows that booking a flight from SA is cheap. SA ranks 7th on its index. The cost of over 1m flights (low-cost and full service) was analysed to find an average price of domestic and international flights. Costs are measured per 100km.

The index includes 75 of the world’s most visited countries. A selection of the best and worst is shown here. Surprisingly, popular transit countries like Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are some of the worst places from which to book flights. India, Malaysia and Russia are the best.

The International Air Transport Association says the oil price decline pushed prices lower, which has helped to drive growth. In parts of the world, growth in passenger numbers defies rather bleak economic prospects.