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Pravin Gordhan. Picture: REUTERS


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Pravin Gordhan. Picture: REUTERS

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Gordhan goes for broke against the Guptas
Pravin Gordhan. Picture: ALON SKUY


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Good Week
Score one for finance minister Pravin Gordhan, who must be breathing a lot easier following his delicious gambit, seeking a declaratory high court order to the effect that the finance minister has no power to intervene in bank-client contractual relationships — in short, that he cannot order banks to reopen the accounts of the Gupta family. This both shines a light on their murky financial transactions and puts the ball in their court by forcing them to defend the legality of their business affairs.



Bad Week

On the other hand, Nazeem Howa has definitely been feeling poorly of late — specifically after Gordhan’s move. He suddenly resigned as the CE of the Gupta-owned Oakbay Investments after apparently being diagnosed with ill health. This is as believable as Schabir Shaik’s infamous "terminal illness" diagnosis that gave the Zuma-linked jailbird only months to live. Shaik was duly released from jail in 2009, only to pop up repeatedly on Durban golf courses. Howa, just the other day, was full of beans at a press conference defending Oakbay.