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A great many ANC supporters applauded tourism minister Derek Hanekom for introducing a motion of no confidence in president Jacob Zuma at the party’s National Executive Committee meeting. Though the motion was always likely to be defeated in an NEC dominated by Zuma sycophants, it showed that the revolt against him is gathering pace. Hanekom, ironically, chaired the ANC’s national disciplinary committee hearing in 2012 that eventually led to Julius Malema being expelled for, in effect, calling Zuma a dictator.

Despite growing opposition to his fitness to hold office, Jacob Zuma managed to survive a formal attempt from inside the highest echelons of the ANC to remove him from power. Attempts by the official opposition in parliament to oust him

 are one thing. But when at least three ministers of your cabinet, plus a significant section of your party’s highest decision-making body (between conferences) want you gone, it’s time to worry. If nothing else, it suggests Zuma’s room for manoeuvre is being checked.