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1. A Trumpian future

The list of US policy reversals that Donald Trump will usher in once he is sworn in as US president is getting longer. The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal will be ditched on his first day in office, he says. President Barack Obama, in turn, is tightening the screws. His administration is considering measures to strengthen the nuclear accord brokered with Iran, including steps to lift additional sanctions. But will it be enough to prevent Trump from undoing his legacy? For now, Trump has not said whether he will repeal Obamacare.

2. Will China step up?

While the US and UK lose themselves to their navels, the mantle of leadership of globalisation has fallen to China, which has arguably been its biggest beneficiary. It is why Trump blames China for “stealing jobs”, but also why others think it could take the lead in a newly formulated Pacific trade deal.

3. Bob is ‘Forever Young’

Robert Mugabe dropped hints about his possible retirement this week, but those comments were quickly followed by his claim that some of his once-trusted lieutenants have their eye on the Zimbabwean presidency and wish him dead. With Zanu-PF’s congress planned for early December, we’ll soon hear that “the people” want him to lead or that he will lead “until God says ‘come’”. The race to the 2018 election (when he will turn 94) has begun.