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Picture: ISTOCK

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1. Bok coach poser

After the worst year in Springbok history, the call is unanimous: sack Allister Coetzee! But who will replace him? SA is hardly awash with coaching talent. The Lions’ Johan Ackermann is too green. Who else? Jake White, Nick Mallett? A foreigner? In 2014, Manchester United sacked manager David Moyes because he didn’t live up to Sir Alex Ferguson (who could?). But Moyes’ successors, Louis van Gaal and now Jose Mourinho, have done even worse. Before firing Coetzee, do we have a Plan B?

2. The Donald lashes out

True to form, Donald Trump has gone on the offensive — this time over the Green Party’s push for a vote recount in three of the states he narrowly won. The US president-elect let loose on Twitter to claim, implausibly, that he lost the popular vote on November 6 only because millions of people had voted illegally. Even rightwing Fox News says Trump has "offered no proof of the alleged irregularities".

3. Zim bond anxiety

Zimbabwe’s bond notes, launched this week to ease the country’s cash crisis, are likely to flop. That the managers of a US$14bn bankrupt economy believe they can issue their own currency at par with that of the world’s largest economy beggars belief. Public anger at the notes is steeped in fear — fear that as this new "bad money" drives out the "good" dollars, Zim will slide into the rampant inflation that in the early 2000s destroyed the value of wages, savings and pensions. Government insists it won’t happen but few believe it. When the government, already running a budget deficit over $1bn/year, needs cash to pay its employees and especially the army and police, it will be forced to turn on the printing press and the worst fears of Zimbabweans will be realised.