Carmen Pretorius. Picture: SUPPLIED

Carmen Pretorius. Picture: SUPPLIED

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Actress Carmen Pretorius plays Maid Marian in Janice Honeyman’s Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood pantomime, which is showing at the Joburg Theatre until December 30.

With whom and how will you be spending Christmas?

I will do a show on December 24 and then spend Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with my boyfriend’s family.

Is there a special holiday tradition that you always follow?

Just that my mom makes tongue and trifle every Christmas and all the "kids" dislike both, and every Christmas she thinks we love it and announces with fervour that she’s made our favourite, tongue and trifle!

What does the main meal usually consist of and who will be preparing it?

The whole family will prepare it together and it’s usually gammon, roast chicken, turkey, leg of lamb, my mom’s amazing ravioli and olive salad, cold meats, potato salad, green salad, avocado and pea salad, bacon-rolled cherries — and trifle and tongue, of course. Our family usually has a summer Christmas meal: that is, cold, summer-style dishes.