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FM Edition:

Chef de Cuisine Reuben Riffel, owner of Reuben’s in Franschhoek, developed his love of food at the tables of his grandmother, mother and aunts. He honed his skills in restaurant kitchens under the guidance of mentors such as classical chef Christoph Dehosse and Richard Carstens. FM Life asked Riffel:

This summer, what are the three things that you will always have in your fridge at home and why?

1. Watermelon. The best way to stay cool is by eating chilled watermelon. It’s also great in salad and juices.

2. Full-cream thick yoghurt. It’s great for curries, smoothies or a healthy breakfast.

3. Limes.You can never have enough limes — for cocktails, for my favourite prawn salad ... You cannot go without limes in the summer.