Fran Luckin. Picture: RUSSELL ROBERTS

Fran Luckin. Picture: RUSSELL ROBERTS

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LEADING SA creative director Fran Luckin, who has left the digital agency Quirk for the Grey Africa Group, rejects the notion that so-called traditional agencies are behind the digital curve.

She takes over as Grey’s chief creative officer and says: “I’m not sure a ‘pure digital’ space even exists in real life. It only seems to exist within marketing departments and agencies.

“Nobody experiences ‘digital’ in isolation from the rest of their life.”

Luckin believes some of the best digital work in the country is being done by above-the-line agencies that have recognised that ideas should not be dictated by medium or channel, and have structured themselves in such a way that the various disciplines within the building are allowed to collaborate.

Luckin says marketers need to be harder on all their agencies when it comes to interrogating an idea and making sure it’s strong enough to live across multiple channels.

“The weakness of an idea often becomes exposed when it reaches digital execution,” she says. “I also think that in the digital space, we sometimes have a tendency to mistake the tech for the idea.

“We too easily default to ticking all the boxes in the digital media plan — filling out all the details of the complicated digital ecosystem — instead of first making sure we have a powerful idea based on a human truth.”