• Tuesday, September 02 2014

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Behind the spy tape saga

The appeal court's decision regarding the phone taps that lead to the dropping of charges against Zuma marks a political turning point, writes Tim Cohen


DERBY'S COUNTY: We need a robust Europe

SA is exposed to the region, where poor economic data, political turmoil and the threat of deflation paint a grim picture, writes Ron Derby


ECONOMIC VIEWPOINT: More than holidays at stake

SA stands to lose out in the competition between emerging markets unless it takes advantage of currency depreciation, writes Nazmeera Moola


PETER BRUCE’S LIST: Crucial reads for the Renaissance reader

Peter Bruce lists the crucial reads of the week August 27 2014


ON MY MIND: Beware of legal pitfalls

Foreign companies that want to operate in Mozambique's natural resources sector need to understand the legislative framework, writes Zaida Kathrada

Massmart  CE Grant Pattison. Picture: RUSSELL ROBERTS

DIAMONDS & DOGS: KAP Industrial; Massmart

The odds are starting to pay off for KAP Industrial, while hopes that Massmart was about to shed its canine image have been shattered yet again, writes Stafford Thomas


MARKET WATCH: Costly asset mix

But Cadiz suggests that performance will change for the better when the bull market momentum dissipates, writes Marc Hasenfuss

Tami Sokutu. Picture: ROBBIE TSHABALALA

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: The class ceiling

The remarks of Tami Sokutu make one wonder why it is that so many vulgar people make so much cash, writes Justice Malala

Smartphones. Picture: FINANCIAL MAIL

PATTERN RECOGNITION: Blackberry reaching for roots

Toby Shapshak: Once the poster child of mobile innovation, Blackberry grew arrogant and tumbled from glory. But is it making a comeback?

Tito Mboweni. Picture: ROBERT TSHABALALA

BETWEEN THE CHAINS: Tito Mboweni is no fool

The truth is banks did want to fund him, but only if he also invested in his own business, writes Sikonathi Mantshantsha


INVESTOR'S NOTEBOOK: Retirement fund proposals

There is no doubt that national treasury is protesting too much about its retirement fund proposals, writes Stephen Cranston


DID YOU HEAR? Fulls arms are greeted by open arms

Catching up with old friends can be a burden


Picture: SOWETAN

LETTER: Capitec similar to Abil

Much has been said about the differences in the business models of African Bank and Capitec Bank. Perhaps it is also worthwhile analysing the many similarities


LETTER: Hanging on to power

Progress is a process. It may be a long and slow one but change, as Marx stated, is inevitable

ANOTHER WEEK: August 28 - August 4

A round-up of the week's main news events in Africa and further abroad

EDITORIAL: Economy slowing to a crawl needs leadership

It would be a mistake to believe that with the mining and manufacturing strikes a thing of the past, SA’s growth rate will soon bounce back

EDITORIAL: Slow journey towards equality

The progress of women towards equality with men has been erratic since they won the vote, yet its general trajectory has been forward


VIDEO: Challenges faced by women executives in SA

Andiswa Maqutu chats about challenges that are faced by women executives in SA

VIDEO: Identity theft on the increase in SA

A woman was recently caught on camera and arrested after trying to open accounts using the identity of a Times Media Group journalist

VIDEO: Financial Mail writer talks about the demise of NUM

Sikonathi Mantshantsha talks about the Financial Mail cover story, the demise of the National Union of Mineworkers, and the impact this will have on the mining sector.

VIDEO: Cartoon shows thin line between press freedom and insult

‘Congress of Clowns’ is a cartoon that infuriated members of the ANC and its supporters