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Julius Malema. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

Editorial: Juju 2.0: smarter, slimmer, savvier

He may play the fool at times, but don’t be duped: Julius Malema is a masterful politician

Pravin Gordhan. Picture: ALON SKUY

Bruce's List: South Africa stands on the brink of a tragedy

Zuma’s actions against Gordhan put SA on the brink, and he doesn’t care, writes Peter Bruce

Boardroom Tails: The timid giant

The PIC has less influence on boards than it should have, and this in spite of it carrying an immense, R1.8 trillion stick, writes Ann Crotty

Picture: ISTOCK

In Good Faith: Judgment day for bank

A Zambian judge, commenting on a confidentiality issue, says it is the duty of the court to step in when breaches of the law arise, writes Carmel Rickard

Jacob Zuma. Picture: REUTERS

Bruce's List: Zuma gets ready to rumble

The president is running out of time to arrange his succession and avoid prosecution, writes Peter Bruce

Picture: THE TIMES

On My Mind: National minimum wage can be made to work

Faulty models underpin the predictions that a national minimum wage would cause huge job losses in SA, writes Gilad Isaacs


Market Watch: Sun International — sunny side bets

Sun International could make three clever moves while punters fixate on bigger issues, writes Marc Hasenfuss

Picture: ISTOCK

Diamonds & Dogs: Anchor; Bauba

There’s no doubt that it’s an attractive business model, as even the most cursory glance at the wallets of those who launched the good ships Investec, RMB and Allan Gray will show, writes Jamie Carr

Bruce's List: Zuma, as he falls, holds on tighter

With his cabinet reduced to mere sycophancy, Zuma can do pretty much what he wants, writes Peter Bruce


Letter: The question of trust

Trust and reputation are never more important in life. They are to be defended at all times, supported by a free, fair and independent media. The Financial Mail has become a trust mark in this


Letter: ANC bows to tribal leaders

Why have things not changed for the better in democratic SA?

Best of recent editions

Picture: ISTOCK

Editorial: National minimum wage is a terrible idea

How different might SA’s prospects have been had our leaders spent as much energy debating the best way to encourage employment as they have on the minimum wage

Marikana tragedy. Picture: THE TIMES

Editorial: Will SA suffer another Marikana?

Marikana was not SA’s first massacre . If there are still no consequences for loss of life and lawbreaking , surely another massacre is on its way?

Herman Mashaba. Picture: ROBERT TSHABALALA

Bruce's List: But for Mashaba, it’s all over bar the shouting

The DA and EFF will control almost 80% of municipal spend and will be quick to uncover the extent of the graft that has taken root in the ANC under Zuma, writes Peter Bruce

Picture: ISTOCK

In Good Faith: Same battle, different issues

The struggle to have the rights of women respected is just as vital today as it was in 1956, but the confrontations are on different fronts, writes Carmel Rickard


Investor's Notebook: Vitality's virtual blue zone

Stephen Cranston can think of nothing more stressful than a room full of gold and diamond over-achievers filling their days with spinning, step and burning classes

Adrian Gore. Picture: RUSSELL ROBERTS

Letter: Discovering a bully?

The wording on your cover says: "We’re not bullies". But that subsidiary should actually be voted Bully of the Year. Or the sibling of Bully of the Year?


On My Mind: A dysfunctional system

Accountability should be a central element of a deepening democracy, but our electoral system undermines that principle, writes Rich Mkhondo

Christo Wiese. Picture HETTY ZANTMAN

Market Watch: Trans Hex — shop bright

Christo Wiese has taken a shine to Trans Hex. Is he looking for a quick turn or a long-term play?


Bruce's List: So, no coalitions? The EFF does SA a favour

The EFF’s decision to not form coalitions with the DA could make it a loser and SA a winner, writes Peter Bruce

Picture: ISTOCK

Letter: What lies ahead for rand?

Many South Africans have been urged (by financial advisers) to 'externalise' their funds in one manner or another


Diamonds & Dogs: City Lodge; Masonite

If you want to sleep easy at night, your portfolio needs to be loaded with companies that have the resilience to withstand a speed bump or two, and cash in when the living is easy, writes Jamie Carr

Jacob Zuma. Picture: REUTERS

Bruce's List: ANC runs out of road, but not excuses

The ruling party’s slide is looking irreversible, writes Peter Bruce

Jabu Mabuza. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

Letter: Divided attention

I see that Jabu Mabuza, chairman of Telkom, will be the Africa zone co-chairman of the entity that resulted from the merger of AB InBev and SABMiller.


Bruce's List: Bad news for newspapers

A quality paper? Pricey. A quality future for papers? Priceless, writes Peter Bruce


Bruce's List: It’s taken more than Zuma to spoil the ANC

The serious business of coalition talks has started — and someone’s going to get hurt


Market Watch: Sovereign — sharing is best

Hosting an AGM with hostile shareholders is not pleasant, but clamming up makes things worse, writes Marc Hasenfuss


Bruce's List: The pros and cons of coalitions

The EFF’s decision to not form coalitions with the DA could make it a loser and SA a winner, writes Peter Bruce


Bruce's List: Bad news for newspapers

A quality paper? Pricey. A quality future for papers? Priceless, writes Peter Bruce

Editorial: Rand surge opens era of coalitions

SA politics, it seems, is moving away from an emotional appeal solely to race, and back towards an ideological centre

Athol Trollip. Picture: FREDLIN ADRIAAN

Editorial: Nelson Mandela Bay result is a triumph for DA’s Trollip

Personalities are not always decisive in politics, but they are often extremely influential

Boardroom Tails: Money still flies too freely

Intrusive ways of impeding the flow of people after 9/11 are not matched by impediments to the movement of capital after 2008, writes Ann Crotty


Investor's Notebook: Index-based products

Can a passive multi-asset fund beat a well co-ordinated active manager?

Picture: ISTOCK

In Good Faith: The rain goes on

The role played in labour relations by bad weather has been aired in the courts, but there are still foggy patches, writes Carmel Rickard


On My Mind: The small city conundrum

Cities like Pietermaritzburg, Tlokwe and Polokwane need to reinvent themselves if they are to compete for investment, writes Lee-Anne Bac

Kgalema Motlanthe. Picture: SOWETAN

Letter: Motlanthe’s party problem

He is a man with an inscrutable face who bears himself with dignity and reflects an aura of wisdom, yet he would have been beholden to the party bosses and bound to toe the party line

Adrian Gore. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

Letter: Discovery has it made

It is a nice open-ended arrangement, with the shareholders doing much better than the policy holders

Khomotso Phahlane. Picture: BUSINESS DAY

Letter: Acting top cop Khomotso Phahlane impresses

There is no substitute for experience and the respect for someone who is well versed in his job

Editor's Note: Rio glory — despite the suits

The pundits underestimated SA’s chances in Rio. But the athletes trumped expectations by finding a way over the hurdles, writes Rob Rose

Between the Chains: Chop the fat

If SA were a company, a turnaround specialist would be mercilessly chopping at the executive to ensure growth returns, writes Sikonathi Mantshantsha

Investor's Notebook: Panic switches

Consultants may feel pressure to make a switch, often at exactly the wrong time, writes Stephen Cranston

Pattern Recognition: A recreated city

Rejuvenation is possible with political will and if the importance of design in the digital economy is embraced, writes Toby Shapshak

Shop Talk: Cash or credit?

We became a globalised shopping economy and a nation of borrowers, writes Zeenat Moorad

Food for Thought: Joy, gloom and fine dining

The election results had caused high emotions in Polokwane and eThekwini, so it was time to find out what the elite thought, writes Justice Malala

Bruce's List: Zuma, as he falls, holds on tighter

With his cabinet reduced to mere sycophancy, Zuma can do pretty much what he wants, writes Peter Bruce

Twentysomething: Why you should register your business

There are many advantages — and it’s required by law for deals with the formal sector or government, writes Colleen Goko

Editor's Note: Blame it on London

For years, local investors ignored the fact that SA firms listed in London paid their CEOs so much more. But patience is wearing thin, writes Rob Rose

Between the Chains: Want my vote?
Lick my ...

As the ANC inner circle spent four days licking the bottoms of their broken leaders, ‘our people’ also bared their collective posteriors, writes Sikonathi Mantshantsha

Pattern Recognition: SA's Monty Python telecoms ministry

It’s anyone’s guess what the new movement in telecoms means as two ministers outdo each other in idiocy, writes Toby Shapshak

Bruce's List: Nzimande’s stabbing pain in the back

The dominant driver in SA politics is Zuma’s need to never face the fraud charges against him, writes Peter Bruce

Shop Talk: This is the wily, cost-crunching Woolies we know

It’s certainly becoming clearer what Woolworths had in mind when it went after David Jones, writes Zeenat Moorad

Food for Thought: A different kind of tender

You don’t have to be a tenderpreneur to enjoy the delights of a certain Tshwane restaurant (though a hefty wallet helps), writes Justice Malala

Boardroom Tails: Now this deserves support

The uptick in minority shareholder activism — while institutional shareholders fail to exercise oversight — is nothing short of heroic, writes Ann Crotty

Editor's Note: And now for the PIC ...

Mathematician Daniel Matjila is already battling the forces of state capture. If chairman Mcebisi Jonas goes, it’ll be even tougher, writes Rob Rose

Between the Chains: Time to help unemployed

Who in our current crop of ‘leaders’ can disrupt this destructive system that only fuels inequality?

Food for Thought: Their just desserts

Politicians certainly shoot their mouths off when elections come around but don’t get around to doing a great deal, writes Justice Malala