• Saturday, August 23 2014

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EDITOR'S NOTE: On the sell-side of Abil

African Bank's collapse has plenty of candidates for anger, bile and recriminations. Unusually, corporate analysts are not one of them, writes Tim Cohen

GDP slides. Picture: THINKSTOCK

DERBY'S COUNTY: Running on empty

SA needs a frank discussion and some structural changes to the economy — we're out of other options, writes Ron Derby


ECONOMIC VIEWPOINT: Getting SA out of the rut

To steady local economic growth, government must stick to the basics, but it has to act, writes Nazmeera Moola


PETER BRUCE’S LIST: Crucial reads for the Renaissance reader

Peter Bruce lists the crucial reads of this week

Construction. Picture: FINANCIAL MAIL

DIAMONDS & DOGS: Group Five; Northam Platinum

Group Five’s balance sheet is robust and its order book is bulging, while Northam Platinum is realising the impact of labour relations in the sector, writes Jamie Carr

MARKET WATCH: Global ambition

It’s hard to imagine a subsidiary of the adventurous HCI investing passively in a portfolio of blue-chip ASX stocks, writes Marc Hasenfuss


FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Put this in your pipe

My trip to the Oscar Pistorius-graced VIP Room showed me that the nouveau riche are not only black people — well, not on Saturday, writes Justice Malala


PATTERN RECOGNITION: Fiddling as it burns

Reading the news is not a happy activity, and the threats from government add to the trials that newspapers must tackle, writes Toby Shapshak

African Bank. Picture: RUSSELL ROBERTS


The tragedy that is African Bank has gifted investors an opportunity in the form of Capitec Bank, writes Sikonathi Mantshantsha


INVESTOR'S NOTEBOOK: Large-cap shares

Portfolio manager says on a p:e of 23, SABMiller is a bargain, compared with Naspers on 59


DID YOU HEAR? Favourite words added to dictionary

Some of Did You Hear’s favourite words have been added to OxfordDictionaries.com in its quarterly review of language use



LETTER: Contrition in order

Even Investec wisely got out some time back (at the top of the share price cycle, as it happens) when it realised Abil’s business plan was unsustainable and the bank was heading for a crash


LETTER: Fund has too much risk

The subprime mortgage lending crisis revealed the cracks in the US financial system — the exposure of leading financial institutions to unnecessary risk

Pravin Gordhan. Picture: BUSINESS DAY

LETTER: Bumblecrats persist

Co-operative governance minister Pravin Gordhan has suddenly stumbled onto a situation that has been bedevilling small business for years

Leon Kirkinis. Picture: ROBERT TSHABALALA

LETTER: Abil execs should pay

Hard to digest sugar-and-spice profile of Leon Kirkinis, founder and former CEO of Abil

Tito Mboweni. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

LETTER: Satire or stupidity?

Piece of rubbish should not have been published, let alone as a cover story

ANOTHER WEEK: August 21 - August 27

A round-up of the week's main news events in Africa and further abroad

EDITORIAL: The solution here is to simplify BEE verification process

The decision of the department of trade & industry to take over the process of BEE verification is the wrong solution to a genuine problem

EDITORIAL: Giving debt the red card

Discussing the decisions of the ratings agencies has come to resemble the analysis of a rugby referee’s thinking in awarding a yellow (or red) card for an infringement at one of the game’s notoriously complicated breakdowns


VIDEO: Identity theft on the increase in SA

A woman was recently caught on camera and arrested after trying to open accounts using the identity of a Times Media Group journalist

VIDEO: Financial Mail writer talks about the demise of NUM

Sikonathi Mantshantsha talks about the Financial Mail cover story, the demise of the National Union of Mineworkers, and the impact this will have on the mining sector.

VIDEO: Cartoon shows thin line between press freedom and insult

‘Congress of Clowns’ is a cartoon that infuriated members of the ANC and its supporters