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Brics. Picture: ISTOCK

Editorial: The madness of a Brics ‘ratings club’

It could end up with as much legitimacy as a Gupta-owned newspaper

Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture: ESA ALEXANDER

Editorial: Cyril Ramaphosa shaken out of slumber at last

Ever since becoming SA’s deputy president he has been missing in action while his boss has taken a sledgehammer to SA’s institutions of accountability

Pravin Gordhan. Picture: ESA ALEXANDER

Bruce's List: Let’s hope Gordhan stares the NPA down

The longer a charge of fraud hangs over the finance minister, the greater the chance that Zuma will use it to fire him, writes Peter Bruce

Pattern Recognition: Will Samsung recover from exploding phones?

It’s too soon to say if this is Samsung’s BlackBerry moment, writes Toby Shapshak

Picture: ISTOCK

Investor’s Notebook: Riding a wave

Sygnia has ambitions for Surf to take on the big five umbrella funds in SA, writes Stephen Cranston


Market Watch: Pour us a dividend please

Vasari’s intention to maximise KWV’s rich heritage as part of a drinks strategy straddling Africa and Asia will be closely monitored — particularly by shareholders in the dry La Concorde, writes Marc Hasenfuss


Diamonds & Dogs: PSG; DiamondCorp

PSG’s success offers a salutary example of what business can achieve without political intervention, while the Grim Reaper sharpens his scythe for DiamondCorp, writes Jamie Carr

Pravin Gordhan. Picture: ALON SKUY

On My Mind: A weak case against Pravin Gordhan

A R1.1m ‘early retirement’ penalty may seem like a thin basis on which to charge the finance minister. Legally, he may have nothing to worry about, writes James Grant

Picture: ISTOCK

In Good Faith: Taking sleaze to the courts

There’s an important lesson powerful men have to learn when they run to the law to protect what they call their reputations — it’s called Democracy 101, writes Carmel Rickard

Pravin Gordhan. Picture: THE TIMES

Bruce's List: Zuma’s damned if he fires Gordhan and damned if he doesn't

And, finally, Ramaphosa has emerged to take a stand in support of the finance minister, writes Peter Bruce

Jacob Zuma. Picture: SIMON MATHEBULA

Editorial | Zuma holds SA’s banks to ransom

Faced with any form of dispute, President Jacob Zuma has done what he does best: nothing

Best of recent editions

CEO of Phumelela Rian du Plessis. Picture: RUSSELL ROBERTS

Market Watch | Phumelela: Taken at a gallop

Will Phumelela (now much more than a horse racing business) be corralled by a global player?

Siyabonga Cwele. Picture: MOEKETSI MOTICOE

Pattern Recognition: Miscommunication in SA

Not even a Monty Python script could make up recent blunders by the two hapless communications ministries, writes Toby Shapshak

Pravin Gordhan. Picture: ALON SKUY

On My Mind: Don’t put it all on Gordhan

Raymond Parsons: Is SA expecting too much from national treasury and too little from the rest of the public sector — and from the country’s leadership?

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Picture: SUPPLIED

Editorial | Warning: short cuts can lead to disaster

A lesson for many of SA’s 'innovation companies', looking for the quick-fix to market and willing to compromise on testing and research

Qedani Mahlangu. Picture: SOWETAN

In Good Faith: Duty of care? What’s that?

A defence that health professionals do not need to act with skill and care was filed by the state and then withdrawn, but not retracted, writes Carmel Rickard

Brics. Picture: ISTOCK

On My Mind: Focus on trade and finances

SA wants to challenge its inflated trade imbalance with China at the weekend Brics summit in India, writes Nomfundo Xenia Ngwenya


Diamonds & Dogs: Famous Brands; Trencor

Famous Brands has long declared its intention to service every inch of the national stomach while Trencor's recent cautionary should prompt the pealing of loud alarm bells over the truly dire state of global trade


Investor's Notebook: Hooked on investment-linked bonds

The aim is to change the focus from investment returns to retirement income, writes Stephen Cranston

Jacob Zuma. Picture: GCIS

Bruce's List: Zuma is fighting on all fronts with an army of incompetents

By refusing to resign Gordhan is directly challenging Zuma and his patronage network, writes Peter Bruce

Jacob Zuma. Picture: REUTERS

The NPA does Zuma’s dirty work

Why doesn’t the president simply fire Gordhan? It’s because he is frightened and weak, writes Peter Bruce


Bruce's List: Forget state capture, here’s state ATMs

Zuma’s schedule is too full to pay attention to universities, he’s too busy sparring with the public protector to save his own skin, writes Peter Bruce


Editorial: Getting to the guts of the fees debate

It is government’s woeful performance, characterised by a vacuum of leadership, which has been the most disturbing aspect of all

Republican US presidential nominee Donald Trump looks at Democratic US presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during their presidential Town Hall debate at Washington University. Picture: JIM YOUNG/REUTERS

Bruce's List: Republicans head for the hills as Trump implodes

Delusional supporters claim debate victory for Donald Trump but as hundreds of Republican politicians dump the presidential candidate it seems almost impossible for him to beat Hillary Clinton in the race to the White House, writes Peter Bruce

Chris Low. Picture: RUSSELL ROBERTS

Investor's Notebook: Pincer movement possible

It is a shame Botswana-based Letshego has no plans to operate in SA as it could shake up the rather lame, unimaginative microlending carried out by our banks, writes Stephen Cranston


Diamonds & Dogs: Capitec; ELB Group

Capitec has lost none of its appetite for everybody else’s lunch, while ELB's catalogue of complaints reads like the gloomiest of Russian novels, writes Jamie Carr

Johnny Copelyn. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

Market Watch: Building HCI up

Copelyn addresses HCI’s wonky share price, but foundations look firm on the property side, writes Marc Hasenfuss

Pattern Recognition: End of an error

The best news in the ICT white paper is that the apartheid censor body will be disbanded, but don’t expect it to happen soon, writes Toby Shapshak


Editorial: Time is up for SABC’s board of dunces

If there were a contest for the worst board of directors in the country, the SABC would win by a country mile

Food for Thought: What Uber can teach the ANC

Unlike ‘dinosaurs’ such as the ruling party and BlackBerry, the transport-app people know the importance of branching out, writes Justice Malala

Picture: ISTOCK

In Good Faith: Keeping his own counsel

The delay in President Jacob Zuma filling critically important judicial posts raises concerns about ‘court capture’, writes Carmel Rickard

Picture: ISTOCK

On My Mind: Enough is as good as a feast

In a world obsessed with giving consumers more choice than they need, retailers may feel that a tipping point is on the horizon, writes Julian Lea

Mcebisi Jonas. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

Bruce's List: Will Jonas still have the stomach to stand up to the Zuptas?

A leaked letter to the public protector makes the task of proving state capture more difficult, but not insurmountable, writes Peter Bruce

Brian Molefe. Picture: ROBBIE TSHABALALA

Editorial: Oil mystery: R1bn here, R1bn there ...

If Eskom CEO Brian Molefe thinks investors ought not to worry about these sorts of 'frivolous' leakages, he’s far off the mark


Bruce's List: Hard lessons from violent student protests

The rage, brutality and arrogance displayed at universities spell real trouble for SA, writes Peter Bruce

Picture: ISTOCK

On My Mind: MBAs in a complex era

Key trends of the MBA of the future include the concept of the global brain, disruptive technologies and the rise of 'betapreneurs', writes Narend Baijnath

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Picture: JOE RAEDLE/REUTERS

Editorial: If sanity is the goal, the only option is Hillary

In a world being rapidly changed by technology, war, inequality and mass immigration, politicians with openly racist and nationalist views are once again gaining traction

Picture: ISTOCK

On My Mind: The benefits of partnerships

There is no longer a separate set of rules for companies that operate in the developed and developing worlds, writes Sipho Pityana

David Lloyd. Picture: RUSSELL ROBERTS

Investor's Notebook: Reinventing Liberty

Life offices must exploit unique features like the ability to offer guarantees, writes Stephen Cranston

Picture: ISTOCK

Bruce's List: Slowly but surely, Zuma’s going down the drain

The only comfort is that the longer Zuma remains in office, the greater the certainty that the ANC will lose its majority, writes Peter Bruce

Picture: ISTOCK

In Good Faith: Dunce caps for ministers

Courts deliver double tongue-lashings as two cabinet members fail to do their duty in separate applications involving roads and lands, writes Carmel Rickard


Diamonds & Dogs: Bell Equipment; Rockwell Diamonds

Everybody’s favourite producer of giant-tyre earth moving equipment Bell Equipment has not been without its issues of late while it has been a tumultuous period for diamond-mining junior Rockwell Diamonds

Brian Molefe. Picture: ROBBIE TSHABALALA

Bruce's List: I crossed the line, Mr Molefe

Meanwhile, the risk to Eskom is that the future and technology and politics could render it irrelevant, writes Peter Bruce

Richard Rushton. Picture: HETTY ZANTMAN

Market Watch: Distell — In cider trade

Distell commands a stiff premium, with Chinese cider venture adding extra froth, writes Marc Hasenfuss

Blade Nzimande. Picture: TREVOR SAMSON

Editorial: Not such a dull Blade after all

It came as a bolt out of the blue, surprising economists and those who’ve grown to expect only fiscal lunacy from government

Brian Molefe. Picture: TREVOR SAMSON

Bruce's List: Molefe breaks wind, becomes a renewable

Eskom’s Zupta apologist believes the best method of defending the indefensible is attack, writes Peter Bruce

Picture: SOWETAN

In Good Faith: Facing the consequences

A tough approach by the courts is the only way to prevent unions and employees from disregarding court orders, a judge says

Editorial: Zuma, CEOs and the sound of silence

If there were ever a time to break the code of silence, it is now: inappropriate and contradictory policies, corruption and neglect are wreaking economic havoc

Photo: GCIS

Boardroom Tails: Be grateful for our heroes

SA is not for sissies, but a noisy civil society contributes towards making it an exhilarating place that holds unimaginable promise, writes Ann Crotty


Bruce's List: Allister Sparks — brilliant and brave

Remembering the man who showed successive governments that this country’s journalists are no pushovers

Mohale Ralebitso. Picture: RUSSELL ROBERTS

On My Mind: Bigger issues than just Jacob Zuma

We’re not here to ‘defend the president’, but rather to dismantle the economic hurdles in the way of true prosperity for all, writes Mohale Ralebitso


All Blacks make bland biltong of the Boks

The gap between New Zealand and SA is now as wide as the Indian Ocean that separates the two countries, and it is widening, writes Sibusiso Mjikeliso

Nomgcobo Jiba. Picture: SOWETAN

Bruce's List: Zuma’s power ebbs as his generals take strain

You can almost see the life force draining from what remains of the Zuma presidency, writes Peter Bruce

Investor's Notebook: Universal life not transparent and too complex

Universal life was main wrapper for life products in 1980s and 1990s. It made sense in a high inflation environment, as part of the premium was paid into an investment account, writes Stephen Cranston

Burger King in Rosebank. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

Market Watch: Burger King

Investors may relish taking advantage of the Burger King induced discount on GPI, writes Marc Hasenfuss


Diamonds & Dogs: EOH; Delta EMD

EOH is easy to overlook until you spot that it has grown to be the largest technology services provider in SA while Delta EMD waits for somebody merciful to come along and apply the captive bullet, writes Jamie Carr

Andrew Canter. Picture: HETTY ZANTMAN

Bruce's List: Eskom — enough to make Moody’s grumpy

Futuregrowth’s call last week to pull the plug on new investments in parastatals has drawn the market’s attention to widespread corruption

Jacob Zuma. Picture: REUTERS

Bruce's List: No Zuma in parliament? So what

Don’t worry, the president has a plan; except he can’t remember what it is

SA’s economic slide

Red tape, restrictive labour laws and crime hold SA back, writes FMF's Eustace Davie

Editor's Note: Welcome to the new FM

The Internet has challenged the media business to reinvent itself — but those who prioritise quality and market intelligence will still prevail, writes Rob Rose

Between the Chains: Now for Mosebenzi Zwane?

Once our corruption-buster Shaun Abrahams deals with his colleagues, he must go after mineral resources minister Mosebenzi Zwane, writes Sikonathi Mantshantsha

Shop Talk: Let’s streamline meetings

Why is it, that in an ever-leaner corporate environment where we’re all downsizing, meetings — the universally despised, ego-boosting plague that has beset working life — still take up so much of our time?

Boardroom Tails: What makes CEOs expensive?

Only diamonds and the salaries of chief executives have been able to demand ever-increasing prices over such a sustained period, writes Ann Crotty

Food for Thought: Drumming up patronage

When the things politicians say become incomprehensible, one place to go to for refuge is a wacky restaurant, where they even play a drum, writes Justice Malala

Editor's Note: Day that will live in infamy

After Team SA’s charm offensive wowed New York last week, all it took to tip SA towards a downgrade was one testy lawyer in Pretoria, writes Rob Rose

Between the Chains: Hats off to Thuli and Sipho

Thuli Madonsela and Sipho Pityana, cut from the same cloth, are fearless heroes who are part of the reason SA has a bright future, writes Sikonathi Mantshantsha

Food for Thought: Hopeful in Rustenburg

While some African presidents give cause for gloom, a German restaurant in a mining town provides a shaft of sunlight, writes Justice Malala

Boardroom Tails: Bad news arrives too late

The Brexit-related rand strength, until this week anyway, must have given SABMiller investors a deep case of seller’s remorse, writes Ann Crotty

Shop Talk: Who’s next on the hit list?

Don’t be thinking we’ve seen the end of mega-mergers, writes Zeenat Moorad

Editor's Note: Fixing BAT’s broken culture

There’s a new sheriff in town, trying to root out unsavoury antics at British American Tobacco. Don’t hold your breath, writes Rob Rose

Between the Chains: Deep in the concrete jungle

Both SA’s largest cement producers are drowning in over capacity and lack of demand. They’d be stronger as a combined force, writes Sikonathi Mantshantsha

Bruce's List: Sipho Pityana, nemesis and hero

It is because of fine citizens like Pityana that SA still stands proud despite its disgraceful leadership, writes Peter Bruce

Boardroom Tails: Please sir, have some more

Remuneration committees have a remarkable ability to heap as much pointless generosity on their bosses as their bosses want, writes Ann Crotty

Shop Talk: Eating into the ready meal market

Supermarket ready meals had better watch their backs as Famous Brands breaks with tradition, writes Zeenat Moorad

Editor's Note: Just come clean, Moyane

Sars puts its foot in it by arguing the media is ‘anti-South African’ for asking why it took four months to act on corruption claims, writes Rob Rose

Between the Chains: Getting wings back again

Selling the airlines to private investors would enhance competition and save jobs. Distributing shares to the poor would fight inequality, writes Sikonathi Mantshantsha

Bruce's List: When will students learn?

Students should be focusing on government, not business or mining and not university managements, writes Peter Bruce

Shop Talk: Yes, athleisure is a word

Millennials behaviour has effectively reshaped the retail space, writes Zeenat Moorad

Boardroom Tails: Milking the cash cow

Bain’s investment in SA is right up there with disasters unleashed by the likes of Tony O’Reilly in 1994 and Lakshmi Mittal in 2002, writes Ann Crotty

Food for Thought: The (new) madness of the ANC Youth League

A calm, stylish space in the inner city offers a pleasing antidote to the lunacy of the ANC Youth League, writes Justice Malala

Pattern Recognition: Still a special place

The burning of a library — the very symbol of education — by those who aspire to be educated is dishonourable and ignorant, writes Toby Shapshak

Bruce's List: When will students learn?

Students should be focusing on government, not business or mining and not university managements, writes Peter Bruce

Bruce's List: Clinton trumps Trump on the stump

Trump finds it’s different rousing the ill-informed masses to debating a smart opponent, but he survives, writes Peter Bruce

Editor's Note: Allister Sparks — a quality life

The former editor, who defined an era, would have approved of the fact that readers are apparently regaining an appetite for quality, writes Rob Rose

Between the Chains: A state-owned nosedive

When SAA finally released its financial results, it gave us the tangible cost of the Jacob Zuma/Dudu Myeni wreckage, writes Sikonathi Mantshantsha

Food for Thought: Great lunch, great country

The fact that the president can do nothing about being called a criminal in parliament shows that our democracy is working, writes Justice Malala

Bruce's List: The bad guys in SA are slowly losing

State corruption and mismanagement may threaten SA but there is reason to believe the bad guys won’t win, writes Peter Bruce