• Monday, July 06 2015
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Editor’s Note: A big question about Greece

Tim Cohen: An odd semantic inversion happens in crisis moments: ‘calm down’ suddenly means ‘panic now’. But really, should we?


Derby’s County: Lesotho does matter

The political disputes in Lesotho seem endless and circular. But that doesn’t mean they are not important for SA, writes Ron Derby

Food for Thought: Biting the rand bullet

Must send memo to lovely wife: holidays with the relatives in Tzaneen may have to take the place of trips overseas, writes Justice Malala


Between the Chains: Rare legal victory for Sasol

Overturned fine brings hope that Sasol has cleaned up its act, writes Sikonathi Mantshantsha


On My Mind: Look below the surface

Governments should get past the politics in considering the funds that are transferred between divisions of multinational companies, writes Billy Joubert


Investor’s Notebook: Hedge fund strategies

It is not easy for SA investors to pick the right global hedge funds. The best place to start would be in one of the SA-owned fund of hedge fund shops like Stenham, writes Stephen Cranston


Economic Viewpoint: My name is my bond

Let regulated lenders fight it out among themselves, because less competition will put borrowing further out of reach of the poor, writes Nazmeera Moola

Pattern Recognition: All a-Twitter

The social media site may be on the ropes, but the 140-character ‘front page of news’ is just a bit down — it is definitely not out, writes Toby Shapshak

KWV Beverages. Picture: KWV

Market Watch: Happy hour?

Something might finally give at KWV now that the company’s value points to a cheap round on its stock of fine brandy, writes Marc Hasenfuss

Coal stockpile. Picture: ROBBIE TSHABALALA

Diamond & Dogs: Prescient; Keaton Energy

Prescient’s results tell a better story than its rather lacklustre share price performance, while Keaton hopes it has implemented the operational systems necessary to return it to profitability, writes Jamie Carr


Senzeni Zokwana. Picture: ROBBIE TSHABALALA

Letter: Don’t count your chickens

No regulations on brining SA frozen chicken up to 40%


Letter: Problems with BEE

BEE will narrow focus hoping to create 100 new black industrialists

Editorial: Greek tragedy is a lesson for us in SA

We should not join clubs where we are not equals. We must be very careful with our money so that we never have to ask for help, not from the IMF and not from our new best friend, China. Not from anyone

In Good Faith: Which rules count in SA?

This new column about law and justice comes at an opportune time - we need to consider who we are and where we are going

Bruce's List: A daily guide to informed reads

Peter Bruce lists the crucial reads of the day

Another week: July 2 2015

A round-up of the week’s main news events in Africa and further abroad

Did you hear? Three ways to wear hair

There are three ways a man wears his hair: parted, unparted or departed


Video: BEE has created significant assets for black entrepreneurs

Carol Paton chats about an audit of empowerment deals

Gimme video: Snap happy

The LG G4 includes a stellar camera and great screen