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The president went to answer questions in parliament yesterday and was so upset at the way opposition MPs mocked and teased him, he says he might not come back. If the quality or sincerity of what Jacob Zuma actually says when he does speak in parliament, answering questions or making a policy address is any guide, it won’t matter a jot if he never goes back. Yesterday at questions he tried to strike a serious tone by referring to the nine-point plan he came up with in his 2015 state of the nation speech to parliament. It is supposed to be the guiding hand behind his last few years in office. But yesterday, when MPs asked him questions about his plan, it was clear he couldn’t remember what was in it, leading to a hilarious string of jokes on social media and deepening the hole into which he is gradually sinking. Zuma will soon run out of the time and road to orchestrate his own succession, let alone finish his term. Typically, Ranjeni Munusamy has a great take on the president’s day: Nine-Point Sham: Another torrid day in Parliament for ‘abused’ Zuma and ANC. However, Ray Hartley in the Rand Daily Mail suggests that the laugh may not necessarily have been one of amusement. I quite like this little insight. There’s a logic to it. Zuma must be absolutely exhausted: POLITICS LIVE: Zuma's moment of weakness before parliament is very telling

Finally, from Business Day earlier this week the first signs of stress fractures inside the Economic Freedom Fighters, as a group in KwaZulu Natal rebel against tight control from the centre. Julius Malema has to be ready for this sort of thing, and it will tire him out too, even if he knows it is coming. As it is I reckon Malema and his deputy Floyd Shivambu and party president Dali Mpofu are not genuinely of one mind politically. We will see, but there’s a real story in here: NEWS ANALYSIS: Crying has begun at the three-year-old EFF