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Koo and Yellowwood repackage a rich brand story

Koo, one of South Africa’s favourite brands (2015 Sunday Times Top Brands Survey) has partnered with Yellowwood Future Architects to overhaul its on-shelf presence after a decade of comfort in the same clothes.

Is sports sponsorship as we know it under threat?

The sports industry is in global turmoil as sporting codes battle accusations of corruption, match fixing and bribery. Will brands investing in the sponsorship of major sporting events still reap the same benefits as they have in the past?

Big Stories

Unilever budgeting: hard times or smarter marketing?

Despite posting year-end revenue of $5.34bn, Unilever CEO Paul Polman announced in a presentation to analysts and investors that this year the company will adopt zero-based budgeting. Managers will have to build marketing budgets from scratch every year and justify marketing spend.

South Africa’s traditional trade sector offers growth and opportunity

According to findings published by Nielsen, the perception that South Africa’s traditional trade (TT) sector is shrinking couldn’t be more wrong. Based on the expansion of its retail universe, which has allowed for significantly greater measurement of TT channels, Nielsen reports that sales through the country’s TT outlets amount to a third of all consumer goods packages purchased.

Coca-Cola launches ‘one brand’ strategy

Coca-Cola’s “one brand” marketing strategy is coming to South Africa on March 1. Launched in the UK last March, the global strategy brings all four products – Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Life – under the Coca-Cola master brand rather than marketing each separately.

Ad-blocker uptake to be less than expected

According to Deloitte Global, less than 0.3% of smartphone and tablet users will be using an ad-blocker by the end of this year. An ad-blocker is a software file that blocks access to sites delivering advertising files. This includes visible forms of advertising such as banners and pop-ups, as well as trackers, which operate in the background, tracking users’ online activity.

Publicis Africa continues its acquisition trail

Publicis Africa Group’s recent acquisition of Popimedia marks a historic move in the industry – it’s the first time an advertising network has made an investment in an ad-tech company.

Lowe and Partners rebrands as MullenLowe

Lowe and Partners South Africa has been rebranded MullenLowe South Africa as part of the worldwide brand identity relaunch intended to entrench the agency’s position as a global heavyweight – but with the agility of a smaller, local organisation.

Refreshing a well-known brand

In 2015 the Koo brand celebrated its 75th birthday. And, like some 75-year-olds, it opted for a makeover – in this case, a brand relaunch.

Five questions consumer companies must answer

The McKinsey & Co report “The consumer sector in 2030: Trends and questions to consider” predicts change and disruption and looks at what companies can do to prepare for it.

Crunch time for sugar

Sugar is starting to be perceived in much the same way as smoking when it comes to health. This will have an impact on food and beverage brands with a high sugar content.

Will Netflix disrupt the market as predicted?

Netflix’s January launch in South Africa is part of the service’s global expansion plan to be available in almost every country worldwide by the end of 2016. However, it’s not clear whether South Africans will be rushing to subscribe.

Facebook and YouTube battle for supremacy of online video

ZenithOptimedia has predicted that online video has reached a tipping point. A report published by the group reveals that the number of people globally who watch traditional, linear TV will start to decline this year, after peaking in 2015 – and online video will pick up the slack.

Consumer trends up to 2030: how likely and how influential?

How the world has changed in the past 15 years! Only 12% of the global population had a mobile phone back then – now it’s 60%. And Facebook hadn’t even been launched. The biggest retailer in the US was Kmart; its annual revenue has since declined by two-thirds while Amazon’s has risen by the same proportion.

Creative Counsel leads industry transformation drive

Transformation in the ad sector has long been a contentious topic, with criticisms levelled at the industry that change has not happened fast enough. One agency putting its money where its mouth is The Creative Counsel, which has announced the launch of an incubator programme to support black businesses.

Unpacking 2016 media trends

With steady advances and innovation in media, marketers have countless opportunities to connect with consumers if they heed the trends that will influence the industry in the year ahead. There are four main trends shaping the media landscape this year, writes Marketing Week’s Mindi Chahal, including the shift from volume to value in social media and the rise of digital and video-on-demand services.

South African millennials different from US millennials

Some US marketers have decided that grouping millennials together in a single group is a mistake – and a potentially expensive one, too. Redzone spoke to HDI Youth Marketeers managing director Jason Levin about whether South African millennials follow a pattern similar to the groupings proposed in an article posted late last year on by Sheila Shayon.

CEO SleepOut signals the rise of reality fundraising

The success of the inaugural South African CEO SleepOut event has signalled the rise of “reality fundraising” – placing leaders and influencers in situations or experiences they would not normally face in order to garner their support for real societal issues.

Keeping it fresh

Having a great idea is not enough to ensure success. All great ideas need to be updated to keep them fresh for the consumer. How can a restaurant brand accomplish this, especially in an economic environment where consumers constantly have to tighten their belts?

Consumers willing to pay more for brands committed to sustainability

Nielsen’s 2015 Global Corporate Sustainability Report has revealed that brands showing a commitment to sustainable practices are receiving support from consumers, who are willing to pay more for their products.

Industry Insights

HDI’s top youth trends for 2016

As the year kicks off in earnest, HDI’s Reamogetse “Gee” Motsepe and Lara Petersen have sifted through the trendcasts to highlight the top six youth trends for 2016.

Know your strategic targets and prime prospects

Having an in-depth understanding of your consumer makes it far easier to find the sweet spot for your brand’s investment and growth.

Making digital advertising more relevant

Digital advertising promised to be the answer to the need for measurement in the branding industry. But, somewhere along the line it got lost. It got wasteful, and it got annoying.

If it’s not excellent, it’s background noise

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re standing knee deep in the pool of content that finds its way onto our screens these days. But as TV commercials become short films and the content marketing parade marches on, we have to face a truth about what we create.

Tighten your belt for a challenging 2016

Craig Page-Lee, SA MD of Posterscope, has been appointed chair of the jury for The Annual AdFocus Awards in 2016. The Redzone asked him what 2016 holds. (Part 2)

Outwit Your Competitors. Think Like a Fighter Pilot.

There are four simple words that to a fighter pilot can mean all the difference between winning and losing a dogfight. Between living or dying. And though it’s been a long time since any blood was shed in the car market, the tea category or the supermarket aisle, anyone who is serious about marketing and brands could do worse than follow the guidance of those four words that make up what Colonel John Boyd called the OODA Loop.

There’s no separating business from brand strategy

Many leaders find it challenging not only to articulate the purpose of their business, but to identify a sustainable competitive advantage that will differentiate them in the market. The key is to see brand and business strategy as inseparable.

New jury chair aims for high standards of measurement

Page-Lee takes over from Festus Masekwameng, managing partner of MKT Media and ECD of MotherRussia Communications as well as former chairman of the Loerie Awards.

Beyond the bold taglines: Why ad agencies need to become true innovators

There is a device called Clever Buoy: it floats in the ocean and scans the water, detecting moving objects, and when it detects an object similar in size and shape to a shark, it sends a signal, via a mobile network operator called Optus, to the lifeguards on the beach, alerting them to the possible threat.

Using events to unleash brand value

Consumers are increasingly willing to participate in campaigns, become a part of the brand and open up to companies they love. While traditional channels struggle to cut through the noise, events can quickly establish a genuine emotional connection.

SMS marketing does work if you do it right

Scams, unwanted subscriptions and badly worded or uninteresting text are the ugly side of SMS marketing. But the potential of mobile marketing to reach consumers effectively has been underused because of the medium’s negative reputation. Done well, mobile marketing offers potential customers useful, personalised information to inform their spending choices.

The truth about content

Content – the word is everywhere and, for something so talked about, it has a pretty fuzzy definition. At its most literal, it is anything that someone might read, see, watch or interact with. So, pretty broad.

Brand development’s biggest challenge – brand valuation

The Coca-Cola brand accounted for 54% of the company’s stock market value in 2007, according to Jan Lindemann, a former global MD of Interbrand. I’m assuming the figure is not significantly different today. 

Beware the Nincompoop Forest - not much grows there

Sometimes I can be a bit slow. While preparing for a recent talk about “creative execution”, the irony of the phrase dawned on me for the first time in 20 years. Execution means both “capital punishment” and “carrying into action”. Seems obvious now, when as creatives it’s up to us to take an idea and either kick it in the sweets or nurture it to life.