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Ranking the Analysts 2015

New priorities for marketers

Recent research conducted by Marketing Week shows that customer experience, data and brand strategy have all gained in importance, while advertising has become less of a day-to-day priority for marketers.

Catering to the mass market in SA

South Africa’s mass market and the growing black middle class offer numerous opportunities for marketers. Building meaningful connections through insights is an important part of being able to cater to the needs of this segment of consumers – and connections are key to building loyalty, agree Monkey Concepts Advertising founders Thato Tshabalala and Thando Makhathini, regardless of colour or which economic bracket consumers fall into. Township-born Monkey Concepts Advertising has recently partnered with Joe Public as part of its youth development programme.

Big Stories

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Creative circle rankings: Up, down and out

Advertising’s creative directors rank agencies by how they do in the industry’s top award festivals

Six African youth trends

Marketers who want to build brands in Africa need to know how young Africans think, says Robyn de Villiers, CEO and chair of Burson-Marsteller Africa. “Empowered by a new, technology-enabled world order and the loosening of previously restrictive social hierarchies, young, cosmopolitan Africans are taking a bold approach to creating their own futures,” she says. “While the traditional narrative of hardship and struggle still contains some elements of truth, African youth are renouncing these stereotypes and bringing their A-Generation game – providing brands with opportunities for more creative and daring ways of engagement.”

Gau Narayanan, Boniswa Pezisa and Keith Shipley. Picture: SUPPLIED

Net#work: Changing of the guard

Top ad man reflects on highs, lows and outlook for the industry as he hands over the CEO’s reins

Understanding activations for FMCG brands

When it comes to planning and bringing to life in-store and out-of-home brand activations, particularly for FMCG brands, consumer insights are the main determinant of success.

Establishing effective investor relations

Navigating shareholder and investor relations in a high pressure, fast-changing business environment forms a critical part of running a listed business – and comes with a plethora of challenges and opportunities for management to develop lasting strategic communications plans.

Global vs local in FMCG marketing

Marketing global FMCG brands at a local level can be a challenge. Discussing this at the inaugural FMCG Insights and Conference in Johannesburg this week were Sharon Keith, Coca-Cola SA marketing director; Sarah Britten, Y&R LabStore regional strategic director; and Pippa Capstick, Joe Public Ignite executive.

FMCG insights into a changing retail scene

The FMCG industry is dynamic, fast-paced and competitive – and it’s going to become even more so. Retailers, suppliers and marketers all face challenging “PESTLE factors”: political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental conditions.

Fast Coffee initiative to drive skills in consumer insights

The Red & Yellow Springboard Marketing Institute, established by industry heavyweight Sharon Worrall in 2014 to improve transformation in advertising and marketing, has been instrumental in the creation of a black-owned Insights Ignition collective known as Fast Coffee to further skills development, particularly in the area of consumer insights.

If 800 Indian runner ducks are your USP, go with it

There are 152 wineries on the Stellenbosch Wine Route and all of them are trying to position their products as the best in the valley or their wine-tasting tours as the most varied. Or they market their picnics, their views or their play areas.

Tiffany and Tara Turkington. Picture SUPPLIED

Flow Communications: Learning on the job

The Turkington sisters talk about their agency's remarkable growth since its inception a decade ago

Improving digital relevance in the next 10 years

University students graduating in 2016 will have obsolete qualifications for which there will no longer be a profession by 2025, all because of digital disruption and innovation, says Wayne Houghton, director of Growth Implementation Solutions at Frost & Sullivan Africa.

Ackermans connects with its customers

In an era when consumers expect personalisation and authenticity from the brands they choose to interact with, and rate these attributes almost as highly as the service itself, generic brands that lack relevance find themselves losing share of voice. On the other hand, brave and savvy brands are using a personal approach to forge emotional connections and engage their audiences. Knowledge of your customer has become the key to providing successful content.

Multitude of choices: Many consequences for advertising and beyond. Picture: THINKSTOCK

Best-liked ads: Local gets the nod

Local humour with local authenticity seems to be hitting the mark

Edcon CEO Bernie Brookes. Picture: MARTIN RHODES

Out to pitch: Edcon and MTN

Two big brands, Edcon and MTN, in talks with global agencies as part of new advertising strategy

Weaker rand, stronger outsourcing opportunities?

The rand has hit record lows in 2016 and doesn’t look likely to recover soon. But David Graham, Digital Engagement Leader at Deloitte, believes the currency’s depreciation could in fact help South Africa’s local outsourcing industry. He says South Africa could establish itself as a cost-effective destination for outsourcing contracts.

WhatsApp encryption and what it means for digital security

Online messaging service WhatsApp – owned by tech giant Facebook – recently announced that it had added end-to-end encryption to every form of communication on its service.

Ad-Tech Academy to build industry knowledge

Popimedia has launched South Africa’s first Ad-Tech Academy to help marketers understand the technology used in social and digital media.

Roots 2016: a wealth of consumer data

If you were a tattoo artist and wanted to open your own tattoo parlour but weren’t sure of the best location; or were idly wondering in which areas of South Africa people own more cats as opposed to dogs; or what the main reason is for people visiting garage forecourts (and no, it’s not to get petrol, it’s to buy airtime), the data revealed in Roots 2016 would more than likely provide you with the answers.

Announcing the Prism Awards winners

South Africa’s public relations industry’s top achievers were announced at the Prism Awards in Johannesburg last night at the Indaba Hotel. Small consultancy PR Expert won Campaign of the Year for its work on “Creating Groundswell for South Africa’s First Dance Movie – Hear Me Move” with Coal Stove Pictures. Overall, 49 awards were made in 34 campaign categories.

The 2016 Prism Awards

In the world of public relations, innovation and creativity are non-negotiables. At this year’s Prism Awards, which take place on April 17, entries will be judged on these and other criteria that take campaigns out of the realm of standard and ordinary.

AdForum: Assessing retail advertising

The first Financial Mail AdForum of the year, hosted in association with Ornico, focused on retail advertising, a particularly interesting sector right now in the adverse economic climate. The panel comprised Ahmed Tilly, founder and ECD of Black River FC, Lara Cassel, managing partner at the Strategy Department, Deon Wiggett, creative partner at Famous Copy, and Mongezi Mtati, marketing manager at Ornico.

Deloitte TMT predictions

Deloitte recently announced its annual TMT (technology, media & telecommunications) predictions for 2016.

Business, government search for solutions at Directors Event

Leaders in business and government gathered in Sandton last week to collaborate on identifying the major issues facing the country and put forward possible solutions. Problems surrounding innovation, health care, education and competitiveness were thrashed out through robust and interrogative debate at the Sunday Times Top 100 Companies second annual Directors Event.

Tell a story – build your brand

There’s been much talk about the need for brands to tap into the emotions of consumers. And brands that are able to inject storytelling into their marketing efforts find that making an emotional connection with consumers becomes that much easier. Easy to say, sometimes less easy to do. To be successful, storytelling from a brand perspective must be authentic. This is not about making a sales pitch; stories must be based in reality even if they are embellished with a measure of creativity.

Targeting tribes in event strategy

As businesses demand a better return on investment for customer events and event sponsorships, marketers no longer “spray and pray”. Brands now target “tribes” – but is that strategy also becoming outdated?

Brands in sports sponsorship: zero tolerance?

With tennis star Maria Sharapova the latest in a line of sports stars to lose lucrative sponsorships as a result of a failed drugs test, it appears brands are taking a firmer stance with the individuals they sign up to represent them. The trend is evident in South Africa too.

Enabling the perfect fit

The ACA has launched the ACA AGENCY LOCATOR™, an online tool that will change the way in which marketers search for agencies, while making the process more time- and cost-effective.

Brands missing the opportunities in April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day is a good excuse for brands to have some fun, and provides a valuable opportunity to connect with consumers. But this year’s pickings were slim for South African brands. Only a few brands made use of the opportunity. Was this because consumers are more concerned with politics right now?

Industry Insights

The importance of brand ownership

Michael Eisner, CEO of The Walt Disney Company from 1984 to 2005 and recognised for revitalising that company, said that as chairman and CEO, his job was to provide a corporate structure and culture that enabled the Disney “cast” members to perpetuate the values and traditions that fuel the Disney magic.

Half an hour with Petra Liu

In the current economic climate, agencies have to be responsive and reactive, adapting to the changes in SA, says Petra Liu, founder of Wetpaint Advertising. Despite the challenges faced by the industry, she says a “business as usual” approach is imperative – companies still have to put their brands out there if they mean to keep operating.

How does your content affect consumers’ buying cycle?

With hordes of consumers in the market, each with a short attention span and too much content to pay attention to, the brands that earn loyalty and attention are those that add value and relevance by creating and publishing exceptional content.

Selling value and quality

In tough economic times, FMCG brands need to sell affordable quality. Consumers are feeling the pinch and tightening their belts. Consequently, the retail environment has become extremely competitive with brands vying for shelf space and the consumer’s attention.

Half an hour with Jason Levin

A successful career in marketing and advertising relies on three things, says Jason Levin, MD of HDI Youth Marketeers: working with a good team; building strong client, supplier and colleague relationships; and challenging and inspiring yourself to do ever better work.

The consequence conscious culture

Billionaire businessman Sir Richard Branson says most corporate mission statements are full of “blah truisms and are anything but inspirational”. He has a point – it may be time to reconsider the corporate reason for existence, ultimately articulating something more useful and tangible that will make sense to all stakeholders.

How Web developers can serve their clients’ business

A Web development company cannot simply serve one purpose: clients have to be part of the journey, not be burdened financially and, overall, be successful with their website. Web developers need to learn their clients’ business processes, and be able to provide sound business expertise to ensure that a return on investment is inevitable.

Useful content increases customer spend

Recent research by Ackermans has shown that store account holders who receive the brand’s custom publication spend a third more than account holders who don’t receive the publication. Over a measured period of 24 months, customers who received the Ackermans Club magazine slowly increased their spend.

Collaboration and integration

My first campaign outside the 30 second box was a campaign for Metro FM. It was an audio DJ profile for the trade and I think I stole the job bag off some other writer’s desk at TBWA. Nobody really wanted to do it. It wouldn’t win an award – it fitted into no category, was too long in the format and would be shown only internally and at roadshows. On the other hand, I got to interview all the DJs, discover the inner workings of the hippest radio station on the planet, and cover the rent.

The changing radio landscape- Part 2

Clients are producing their own top-quality radio content Because anyone with the right skill set can now produce and distribute content, companies have a huge opportunity to engage their customers in a highly effective way by delivering to them information that they really want, that talks to their passions and that enriches their lives.

Radio’s changed landscape – Part 1

The radio landscape has changed significantly over the past five years. And we'll be watching it continue to change dramatically over the next five years. These are some of the shifts that have already taken place.

Who exactly is the person behind your inbox icon?

Bizarrely, social media has erected barriers to communication between ordinary people like me and brands.

Youth and the digital world

The “always-on” digital tendencies of the youth in the Generation Z and millennial groups consistently manage to attract attention and criticism from older generations. In our recent white paper, “A Youth Lost in Translation”, which is based on research done by HDI Youth Marketeers, we explore the views of 5,400 urban and peri-urban young people and uncover both the positive and the negative consequences of the digital behaviour of SA’s youth.

Is your business drowning in data?

We live in an age where information is readily available … and there is lots of it. It’s estimated that in 2011 alone, 1.8 zettabytes of information was created (the equivalent of 200 billion HD movies) and this figure doubles every two years. But if information is multiplying and so easy to access, does it still represent a true competitive advantage in business today? And are we not perhaps investing a huge amount of money and effort into collecting data that is irrelevant when it comes to doing business better?